E-Z-GO’s innovative ELiTE range of carts, powered by Samsung SDI technology, has shifted the goal posts when it comes to electric powered carts. This technology brings you class-leading battery efficiency, zero maintenance and improved overall performance. And on top of this, your ELiTE cart will take you further, faster and with plenty of charge to spare.


Battery Management System

This advanced Battery Management System monitors the efficiency, temperature, charge state, and overall health of your battery, optimising your cart’s performance so you get the most out of every ride.


Charges 2 times faster

Head out twice as fast with an E-Z-GO equipped with the World Charger. It charges your vehicle in half the time it takes a traditional lead-acid battery, giving you more time on the course.


Charge it anytime, anywhere

Plug in your ELiTE lithium cart and charge anywhere for any amount of time, without affecting your battery’s health or lifespan.


Number 1 in efficiency

ELiTE Lithium offers greater efficiency than lead-acid models, with no loss in driving power as the battery is used. In addition, you won’t only go further, you’ll arrive at your destination with more charge.


Zero maintenance

Whereas lead-acid batteries require monthly watering and terminal post cleaning, E-Z-GO’s ELiTE lithium batteries require zero maintenance, leaving you 100% worry-free.


Interested in an ELiTE lithium series cart to power your next round? Browse our E-Z-GO model range to find what's right for you.