Since 1954, E-Z-GO has proudly handcrafted carts in Augusta, USA. These vehicles are imported to South Africa to bring you a range of carts offering the most innovative technology, durability and reliability. Whether you’re chasing a score, or cruising the neighbourhood, the extensive E-Z-GO model range offer you ample choice.


Precision engineering and craftmanship

E-Z-GO carts are meticulously designed and manufactured, boasting cutting-edge technology and attention to detail, to craft a durable product that lasts. Carefully selected materials enhance each E-Z-GO cart’s structural integrity to ensure a smooth ride. E-Z-GO is committed to masterful craftmanship to bring superior golf carts in both form and function.


Durability testing

All E-Z-GO golf carts are subjected to rigorous durability testing. These extensive tests and stringent quality control measures enable us to bring you a golf cart with a longer lifespan compared to our competitors.


Industry-leading innovation and technology

E-Z-GO leads the golf cart industry through the innovative technologies integrated in our products. Our approach to continuous improvement of our cart range, bring you technologies such as our ELiTE Lithium and EX1 petrol powertrains, providing a cutting-edge user experience.


We pay attention to the user experience

At E-Z-GO we prioritize the user experience in every design choice and function in our carts. From ergonomic design to user-friendly controls, our golf carts offer a comfortable and enjoyable ride.


Environmental responsibility

Setting a new standard for responsibility, E-Z-GO incorporates eco-friendly measures into its manufacturing processes and materials. From energy-efficient technologies to recyclable materials, we show our commitment to a greener future.


Leading lead-free

Our ELiTE™ Lithium carts forgo outdated lead-acid batteries in favour of Samsung's SDI lithium battery technology to provide not only top-level performance but also the cleanest way for the future.

  • 0% emissions and zero maintenance
  • 95% less harmful waste compared to lead-acid batteries
  • 15% less power to charge than the next-best lithium competitor


Petrol-driven with purpose

When your situation calls for petrol power, E-Z-GO’s EX1 engine answers with increased efficiency and best-in-class fuel economy. With 60% fewer emissions than our closest competitor, EX1 gets more go out of every tank.

  • #1 as the industry’s greenest and most efficient petrol engine
  • 60% fewer emissions than the closest competitor



Find your perfect ride

Choose E-Z-GO for a golf cart that guarantees precision, durability, craftsmanship, innovation, user-centric design and environmental responsibility. Browse our range of carts now.