With this purpose-built petrol engine for golf carts, E-Z-GO delivers performance no other brand can match. Best-in-class fuel economy, more responsive acceleration, a smooth, quiet and refined ride, and above all, the low cost of maintenance, the EX1 tops the charts when you’re talking golf carts.


Showing off with the furthest drive

Our EX1's advanced technology lets you drive further distances than ever before on just one tank of petrol. Fewer fill-ups mean more time on the course, with extra savings back in your pocket.


Smooth and quiet rides ahead

Using a revolutionary design, the EX1 engine has a gentle, refined operating hum. Less noise from your golf cart means you can enjoy moments in your E-Z-GO even more.


Lower maintenance, lower costs

Our EX1 engines are easy to maintain with fewer wear parts. What this means to you, is less time in the workshop and more time on the course. And the cherry on top is lower maintenance costs.


Packing a powerful punch

Experience a ride like no other petrol-driven golf cart with smoother acceleration and stops, thanks to the EX1's ultra-responsive technology that puts more power in your pedal.



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