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4-Seater Zip-Up Weather Enclosure

R 7 590.00


The UV-protected 4-seater weather enclosure has super clear PVC that will not stretch or shrink. It’s easy to get in and out due to the heavy-duty zipper, removable tie-down straps and tie-down hooks which ensure a solid fit. It easily secures to the front struts with 4 Velcro straps. It offers complete weather proofing from front to back. The 3-sided enclosure provides all-weather protection for all 4 passengers.

The rear tail lights are still visible when the rear enclosure flap is secured.

Install a clear folding windshield to complete the weather proofing from front to back.

Talk to our E-Z-GO Parts Manager about the fitment and installation of your weather enclosure.

Price includes VAT and excludes delivery and installation costs.

* Pricing applies to Local Accessory.


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